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Digital fire safety management fire inspector

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Maintenance reduce the cause of fire incidence


Ignorance is the main cause of fire incidence …

1: Biggest Problem in fire safety is improper maintenance?

2: Poor resources lacking of technical knowledge and wrong records?

3: No Inspections for long time?

4: Lack of resourcing and awareness.

5: Missing records and unorganized repository

Solution :


Solution relies on establishing a maintenance and test planning and to assure its accomplishment.

All critical items of the fire safety systems should be analyzed from the probability of failure and failure consequences point of view and must be tested and inspected to assure system’s availability and successfully operation (reliability).

Maximum industries performing safety management manually without leveraging technology. Here is fire safety software / tool / platform to upscale industries

Technology help your industries to boost performance.

Manoj group introduced fire safety management tool for industries and residential zone.

If you really want your fire system upgrade or smarter than ever, contact with us.


1. One-Click Scan Support

2. View Maintenance History

3. One-Click Reports

4. Online Support Portal

5. Raise Tickets Queries

6. Online Checklist

7. Live Tracking

8. Instant Audit Process

9. Cost Effective And Saving Time

Best Digital / smart fire safety management app for all fire industries.


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