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Fire Inspector for fire inspection

Best Safety inspection and audit management app for fire safety management from protegk IT Solution india.

As demands on organizations grow more complex, the requirement for interoperable, advanced fire safety is a necessity. You can rely on our innovative solutions to stay up to date with the latest technological developments.

With state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and fire management systems, we can provide tailored solutions that offer maximum protection, meet high standards and deliver business continuity.

Visit at fire safety smart solutions.

Match have heads, yet without mind, when utilizing their heads utilize your cerebrum.

This safety generation is transforming on digital world with best technologies.

Digitalization and the adoption of new technologies in fire protection can ensure that our fire safety systems will be more effective, reliant and sustainable.

  1. Process improvement

With this refocus of internal resources comes the potential for additional value. Your people will begin examining just how the organization functions through its processes and workflows. With time, they will be able to identify cohorts of costs they can alleviate in different areas of your business through the adoption new SaaS functionality. portal for fire management and optimize performance.

Much as a new smartphone upgrade gives you a list of new features and functionality, your SaaS ERP solution delivers traditional release notes and online discovery itemizing new opportunities to improve your processes – so your staff can decide whether they are applicable and when to start adopting these features.

  • Real-time business insights

Reporting, which previously took considerable time in reconciling multiple reports and massaging spreadsheets, now appears automatically via real-time dashboards. Apart from giving management an up-to-the-minute picture of how the business is tracking, it enables agile decision-making based on trusted data which can make a real difference to profitability. Reporting becomes self-service, with easy-to-configure dashboards displaying real-time progress against the KPIs each employee really needs ‘at a glance’ on a daily basis.

  • Employee engagement :

On a modern SaaS platform, the ‘ERP user experience’ now mimics the usability features and ways of working we’ve grown used to with mobile apps and online consumer services. Just one example is using shopping cart-like functionality for purchasing requisitions.

With a SaaS implementation you are stripping out the complexities – enabling your ERP solution to become your baseline platform for digital transformation. Then this transformation, along with a new organizational mindset, becomes a never-ending journey toward improvement.

Best tools for fire safety management from protegk FIRE INSPECTOR.

  • Customer service

This is one of the most important reasons for transitioning your ERP solution to SaaS. It opens up previously unimaginable opportunities to better service your stakeholders – from enabling your employees to apply for leave to allowing your customers to pay a bill or submit an application. All from an app on their mobile phone, automatically personalized and contextualized to their specific needs.

WHY FIRE Inspector app

“What you can’t measure you can’t manage”. :- let s see…

Every Fire and #Emergency leader wants every individual in their care to be safe from fire, be it intentional, due to electrical equipment (which is a major cause of fire in older cities) or due to natural causes.

But they often do not have the resources to reach everyone at once for greatest effectiveness.

This data analytics/knowledge based approach based approach increases public safety from fire because it helps to understand, assess, and measure fire incidence and its patterns leading to cost effective solutions in line with the old adage “what you can’t measure you can’t manage”.

   Example 1: Tracking Progress and Members

Smart fire safety management has digitalization in safety with IOT.

Lightweight RFID-based trackers reveal the team member’s location at any time-instance and this can be embedded in the fire suit of the member.

With the monitoring of each team member’s location, the commanders can map out the response location and offer a precise evacuation for the team movement.

Maximum industries performing safety management manually without leveraging technology.

Technology help your industries to boost performance.

Manoj group introduced fire safety management tool for industries and residential zone.

Fire Inspector Features:

1. One-Click Scan Support

2. View Maintenance History

3. One-Click Reports

4. Online Support Portal

5. Raise Tickets Queries

6. Online Checklist

7. Live Tracking

8. Instant Audit Process

9. Cost Effective And Saving Time

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