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Smart Fire Safety Management from Anywhere anyplace.

DIGITAL FIRE SAFETY SYSTEM FIRE INSPECTOR for all fire management operations.

  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. Door
  3. Detection system
  4. Pump
  5. Hydrant system
  6. Buckets and sand
  7. More… equipment’s

HOW IT WORKS for all equipment in industries ?

Using Fire Inspector app you can manage all equipment inspections and audits , AMC services. check out more details from website.

Nowadays, digitalization is more global than ever. It is not just a simple transposition or shifting from traditional tools (paperwork, spreadsheets, etc.) related to specific tasks, but it involves the digitization of the entire processes from A to Z.

WHY ??

The digital transformation is being accelerated with the evolution of technologies, their democratization, the emergence of new ones and new types of applications and usages related to mobility, interconnection (between various software), and the massive exploitation of real-time data.

Benefits :

Company immediately saw the benefits of an online document management system to efficiently manage and validate the work processes and procedures, and easy access to all the old versions of the previously recorded documents and processes.

Company has also implemented an application that allows all the operational staff to directly report all detected nonconformities (no more paperwork). New revolution in DIGITAL FIRE SAFETY era. You can inspect fire door inspection from app easily or other equipment’s.

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